Our particular focused support is through:

  • Self-employment support, advice, training and development programmes
  • business growth appraisal & development (including tender development & management)
  • partnership, stakeholder and service user development
  • diagnostic solutions development
  • training programmes development & delivery
  • therapeutic models & solutions (occupational, health & wellbeing)
  • processes & procedure development
  • wider revenue identification & development
  • interim and long-term resource planning

We work in a number of sectors, but primarily in education, health, welfare to work, economic development, the criminal justice system, enterprise & self-employment markets. We deliver our services through scoping, research, bid development & management, thematic reviews, product development, profiling, projects planning and procedure development on a national and international basis through commercial, government and donor funded contracts.
Momentic also draws on a wider team of professionals to support the plans and approaches for each specific commissioned area of work.

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We are a Kickstart employer.

Part of the government subsidised job placement scheme for 16 to 24 year olds.