Over the last 25 years of delivering Business Development Services to clients nationally and internationally Momentic and the team of business development associates have supported and delivered services to organisations ‌in :

  • wider revenue identification & development (including tender management services)
  • partnership, stakeholder and service user development

ο  creating a partner and supply chain structure, process and procedures for tenders and quality assessments (Merlin, Matrix, Ofsted, Public Sector Contracting)

ο  supporting the Third Sector & SME’s to position and embed as a partner to a Lead, Prime Provider and in consortium/SPV’s for contracting

  • business growth appraisal & development (including tender development & management)
  • diagnostic solutions development for:

ο   delivery contracting in welfare to work, health and Independence, enterprise development and business growth

  • processes & procedure development
  • interim and long-term resource planning