Karen Kirby – Human Resource Partner

Karen’s specialism is human resources, including training & development but has also worked in the business support arena providing general advice to start-ups and newly established businesses for the last 20 years.

Karen has over 35 years’ experience of working with people as a coach, trainer and HR consultant; and has worked with a wide variety of organisations to develop a variety of programmes to meet the needs of businesses and institutions as both an employee and as a freelance consultant. She currently works with businesses to ensure compliance with employment legislation through practical solutions and enable them to effectively manage their teams.

She has worked on a number of pilot schemes, with Ian, whereby she has developed a training/CPD product in terms of content, delivery and assessment and handed this back to the organisation for implementation.

As a coach and mentor Karen has worked with business owners and delivery teams to be able to embed the knowledge skills learnt through training programmes and qualifications.