Rob Underhay – Enterprise & Business Support Partner

With over 15 year’s experience, Rob has launched and changed many market-leading companies and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the ground. Rob is very confident that his result-driven, innovative and forward-thinking approach adds significant value to business.

Throughout his career to date he has turned his skills set to many areas of business and their functions, to include:

  • European Contract Management
  • Quality Framework Assessment
  • Investment Fund Management
  • Business Advice & Enterprise Mentoring
  • Marketing & Business Development Consultancy
  • Programme facilitation

As a result of these skills attained and practiced, he has a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex business challenges.

Rob is a positive and determined individual with an approach to researching and analysing new business opportunities that always offers a result driven perspective and outcome. This is demonstrated through his passionate approach, with the knowledge of how important it is to get the right type of programme facilitation, business support, mentoring and consultancy services helping businesses and individuals succeed. Rob is always looking for a new problem to solve in developing businesses and supporting individual to succeed, but also to build on his own skills and knowledge base.