Mariia Bezusa – Art For Wellbeing – YeSence

Mariia envisioned a bright future for herself and aspired to build a fulfilling career around her business idea.  Mariia’s initiative, “Art for Wellbeing,” is a therapeutic approach that helps individuals heal from emotional challenges and stress through the power of art and creativity. At various Art for Wellbeing events, participants can explore painting, fabric modelling, and music in a cozy, relaxed environment. The program is designed to promote emotional harmony and facilitate the transformation of traumatic experiences through artistic expression.

Establishing a company in London presented Mariia with the perfect opportunity to expand this concept of healing through art. Her venture specialises in using various art forms and creative techniques to address clients’ emotional imbalances. She offers both individual and group sessions, as well as conducts workshops aimed at developing creative skills and boosting self-esteem.

From the beginning, Lauren at Momentic was a pillar of support for Mariia. Coming from Ukraine, Mariia faced significant challenges with English communication and understanding the intricacies of the local system. With Lauren’s guidance and support, they crafted a strategic plan to bring Mariia’s vision to life.

Momentic, in collaboration with the Restart program, organized a presentation day that allowed Mariia to showcase her project and network with other self-employed individuals, paving the way for future collaborations.

Lauren, her business advisor at Momentic, reflects on Mariia’s journey: “Mariia has shown incredible dedication to making her business a success. She has actively engaged with all aspects of Momentic’s support, including webinars, one-on-one sessions, and networking events. She has maintained regular contact after the business launch to ensure it continues to grow and explore funding opportunities.”

Paintography. Combination of portrait and colorful painting

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