Momentic Limited was formed in 2013 following independent contracting and strategic & senior operational appointments of the principle senior managers dating back to 1995.

The drive to expand and incorporate was driven by the aspirations of the principles to further extend the growing body of professional services with primary contractors, both nationally and internationally. The understanding of how economic & business development, organisational stability & growth along with health related services for independence & wellbeing was the key to sustainability and future of the services. Having already achieved success through this methodology, in both the private and public sectors and attaining national and international contracts, the progression to a more formal, yet still flexible model of delivery and support was a natural transition to make.

The Leadership TeamĀ also have a very strong social value background in what they have achieved over the last 20+ years and are driven to embed this approach in all there service offers to their clients. They believe that through Momentic they can sustain the approach, going through a very challenging time and build a legacy for the future.