Momentic and the East Central Scheme

Momentic are the chosen specialist self-employment provider for the Restart Scheme in East Central. We’ve got over 20 years of experience in delivering to a wide range of public/private sector clients. We provide high quality self-employment expertise and coaching to help individuals gain sustainable self-employment.

In East Central, Jobs 22 delivers Restart, along with a number of partner organisations including Workpays, Twin, Stoke JET, First College and Acorn Training, on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions, and we are delighted to be partnering with them and their supply chain partners to deliver the self-employment service. The region covers multiple geographies and can be seen on the map opposite.

What is the Restart Scheme?

The Restart Scheme gives people who have been out of work and have been directly impacted by the pandemic, the support to re-train and gain employment or become self-employed.

As part of our remit, we give up to 12 months of tailored support for each client, based on their individual needs.

This includes high quality self-employment expertise and coaching to help individuals gain sustainable self-employment. We also help to break down barriers that may be holding people back from taking that step.

Our Restart Scheme is delivered through seminars, courses, one-to-one support and advice to help self-employed people make their business a success.


What topics do we cover under the Restart Scheme?

• Market Research

• Online Marketing

• Web Design

• Marketing and Using Social Media

• Legal and Legislation

• Financial Planning

• Business Planning

• Book-keeping, Tax, VAT and NI

• Customer Service and Sales

• Networking

What happens when our customers launch their business?

We continue to support our customers whilst in work to help sustain their income and their business and we are there to call upon if they have a problem or a query.

Typical support includes:

• Self-assessment

• Book keeping and taxation

• Employment laws

• Universal Credit

• Growth support

A personal business adviser is on-hand to help our customers through the initial phase of their business and will look to maintain regular contact with them to ensure that their business has the maximum chance of success.

If you are a customer in this area, interested in self-employment support, please ask your Job Centre Work Coach about the Restart scheme, or, if you are a customer already on the Restart scheme, please speak to your Employment Adviser. For more information please contact