Training & Development

The Momentic Team has worked in the Public and Private Sector tendering arena for over 25 years delivering through procured pre-defined models of training and qualifications, but we are also experienced in a wide range of bespoke and innovative approaches.

Our drivers are based around successful outputs but driven by the outcome needs of either an organisation, or the individual. With this is mind our passion is to diagnose the organisation, or individuals training needs before completing the design of the final model of delivery.

 Enterprise & Business Support

Momentic has developed and embedded a full qualification centre and a suite of enterprise, self-employment and business growth programmes for a number of organisations, commissioners and ultimately the end user of the services.

We deliver training and qualifications through a number of customer groups:

  • Individuals who wish to challenge what the enterprising futures could be
  • Individuals looking to start a business.
  • Embryonic start-up businesses and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) looking to grow.
  • SME businesses looking for further development of their executives and middle managers

Momentic also offers both ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke modules of training, including full packages of support, which could include coaching, or mentoring, a few examples of this service are:

Leadership Programmes

Following 30 years of research and working with growing SME’s, Momentic have developed a Blueprint 4 Business Growth specifically for SME’s businesses.

We live in continually changing and challenging times with customer and staff’s expectations growing ever greater. As a result the need to be a market leader and do things right is constantly increasing. With this in mind, Momentic have developed a forward looking programme for business leaders and senior decision makers to step out and take a strategic overview of their business, by celebrating the things you do well and identifying where there is room for improvement in the business. This programme gives you the opportunity to drive your business towards your future, rather than just being the passenger, because of lack of focus on where you are heading.

The Blueprint is backed up by a series of interactive learning webinars, peer networks and one to one coaching aimed at focusing on the future, getting to the heart of the business and it’s people and customers,  improving performance, and driving long term growth for the business.

The programme focuses on five key areas of the business, including:


By the end of the programme you will have:

  • A strategy for improvement focused on the future
  • Developed your leadership and management skills to enhance your employee motivation and resilience
  • An increased understanding of how to drive a customer focused and improvement culture
  • Tools and techniques you can use both now and in the future to continue to develop the business
  • An understanding of the importance of review and measurement to help check you are progressing
  • Increased knowledge of good practice to use within the business

Team Building

The Momentic SMT, HR and Personal Development Team created and ran a 3-day team building event for a Sure Start Service. The programme objectives and outcomes were researched and consulted upon prior to the development of the bespoke programme. The outcomes included each individual having a departmental approach, personal development plans and objectives set for the next 12 months.

Please view our Blueprint 4 Business Growth. Press the button to view in full.


‘Having completed a bespoke Middle Leadership Course, created and delivered by the Momentic Team, I can honestly say it’s brought our team closer together, making us stronger as a unit, and given each other a new appreciation for each other’s role. The course has taught me a variety of leadership techniques and given me a new found confidence in managing my team in order to get the best out of them. The mentoring within our 121 sessions was particularly useful, with the facilitator tailoring the content and being full of suggestions to develop skills relating to my teams individual needs’

Course Attendee

IOEE and SFEDI Qualifications

SFEDI is the first dedicated Awarding Organisation specialising in business enterprise and business support and so sits perfectly with our credentials.

IOEE is the UK’s only dedicated learning institute providing recognition, accreditation and qualifications in enterprise learning.

Momentic is now an approved IOEE and SFEDI Awards centre, which means that we have now become a certified centre to award recognised qualifications to programme participants and wider provision through our status with the institute. The qualifications will be initially delivered within our justice programmes but we are also building programmes to support wider customer groups in the community who will value a structured approach, that a qualification brings, to developing their ideas into sustainable businesses.

To become a SFEDI Awards Centre and an IOEE accredited organisation requires a high amount of commitment and knowledge of the industry. Our CEO first started working in partnership with the SFEDI Group back in the 1990’s and fully understands and supports the need for the standards setting approach to our business support sector.