Victoria GibbardRegional Enterprise Manager - South


Victoria has worked within the Welfare to Work Sector for over eight years, with several years of experience in delivering a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Employability Contract and Adult Education Budget (AEB) Skills delivery.

In more recent years, Victoria has worked within Business Development managing partnerships and developmental activities with Partners and key Stakeholders across Employability, Enterprise, Skills, Health & Social Care and Justice, supporting business development and growth.

Victoria is very passionate about working in partnership with like-minded organisations who have shared goals, values and commitment in doing the right thing at the right time, with the customer at the heart of it all. There is nothing more rewarding that knowing you and your team have had a direct impact on supporting an individual to overcome barriers and complete appropriate actions to enable them to succeed and positively change their life. By working in partnership with organisations and stakeholders, Victoria ensures that the customer is always provided with the most appropriate support, tailored to their need and enabling them to succeed.

Victoria spent 8 years in retail prior to this developing quickly and completing a management programme whilst completing A-Levels and BSc in Psychology and MSc in Occupational or Organisational Psychology

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