Training & Development Expertise

Partnering, Contracting and Tendering in Government Commissioned Services

Momentic has worked in the Government Tendering arena for over 20 years and now uses the knowledge and skills to train and support individuals and organisations to develop their own skills in this field.

Enterprise & Business Support

Momentic and its key associates have developed and embedded a full qualification centre and a suite of enterprise, self-employment and business growth programmes in a number of organisations. This has led to wider income and contracted streams of opportunities and service users.

Lifting & Handling

Momentic has delivered training in health-related subjects including Lifting & Handling to Care Homes, Care Agencies and wider organisations. We have delivered our own in-house programme, and developed the programme for organisations, training their own trainers to deliver.

Team Building

The Momentic SMT, HR and Personal Development Associates created and ran a 3-day team building event for a Sure Start Service. The programme objectives and outcomes were researched and consulted upon prior to the development of the bespoke programme. The outcomes included each individual having a departmental approach, personal development plans and objectives set for the next 12 months.

Employer and Participant Sourcing Services

In additional to delivery of training and qualification development the Momentic team has sourced both employers and participants for Training Providers who are looking to utilise their commissioned portfolio of programmes to achieve outcomes.