Alvina Appleton – Community Support

Alvina had been wanting to make a difference, have freedom and create her own schedule around childcare. Momentic has supported her in her journey in so many ways, helping her to work on the business, figure out what in the business she needed to focus on and also what not to focus on. Momentic have helped her to be able to provide herself with a wage, and also with helpful information ex. Funding.

It has helped her to do things strategically and have a plan of action for the next year. Alvina feels less disorganised in her business and has more structure and a better sense of direction.

Working with her business adviser, Kirsty, her support has not only helped Alvina tremendously but will most definitely help the communities and customers she serves. Momentic has been a game changer! It was literally everything that she needed in terms of support and more!


Visit Alvina’s website for more information