Cleaona Israel – Social Enterprise

Having faced three consecutive redundancies, the memory of that vulnerable and precarious position led Cleaona to try and create employment for herself. Setting up a small business is not easy, especially when you have tried and failed with different business ideas in the past. But it was possible with the renewed hope, determination, guidance, sound advice, and the positive, helpful people brought her way.

Self-employment business advisor Chris Howell of Momentic offered the business support she needed – down-to-earth, friendly, compassionate, respectful, professional, and quick off the mark with ideas – he has business advice and solutions within an instant, to match your needs. She is an over 40s African Caribbean mother, children’s wellbeing author, designer, entertainer, event coordinator, and visionary who thinks long and deeply about the betterment that her works, creations and services can bring to the lives of children, parents, society here in Manchester, and everywhere else.

Meeting cheerful Chris, his Liverpool accent was warmer than the radiators, that cold morning, and they instantly got along. She had barely sat down to introduce herself or mention what she did before Chris told her that what she did and had to offer would be perfect as a social enterprise. She didn’t know anything about social enterprises, though she had studied business at college, but Chris told her all she needed to know.

Chris is like a Superman to the rescue, rescuing you out of business confusion. Cleaona would definitely recommend him to any of her fellow African and Caribbean ladies and gents going into self-employment!

Seizing the day