Daniel Elsmore – Musical Composer

I was unemployed for a couple of years as I struggled to find a suitable job position that could accommodate my skill sets.

Before I was referred to Momentic I had little to no confidence in my ability to run the business that I long dreamed of. After the Marketing, bookkeeping, and business plan seminars, where we went into great depth of discussion about how to grow an idea into a reality, I felt comfortable taking my dream to the next stage in its development.

The business planning additional support conducted by Kirsty Mackenzie was by far the most useful as it helped me break down my business idea through a clear and descriptive action plan that we followed throughout our time together.

Momentic has helped me make my little dream idea into a financially successful business with an optimistic future ahead of itself.
I’d like to personally thank Kirsty Mackenzie for all the additional help they provided. Without constant support, I would have struggled to get my business off the ground.


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