Danielle Phillips – Virtual Assistant

Danielle was a PA (Personal Assistant)/ EA (Executive Assistant) and worked for large reputable companies in Central London. She then became unemployed in the lockdown year of COVID.

She always wanted to have her own business and had various “side hustles” in mind. She lost two jobs in the lockdown year of the pandemic, experienced a lot of tragedies and her health declined. This made returning to her old working lifestyle difficult because she burnt out easily.

Job hunting also became scary/daunting/hard, and it was depressing! Having her own business keeps her in control of how she works gives her flexibility and enables her to utilise all her skills or whichever ones she wants. There are also no long daily commutes as she works from home and no depressing office politics.

Danielle can build good one to one working relationships with the clients she works for with no middleman dictating to her unnecessarily or micromanaging. Therefore, she is shown more appreciation by the individuals she directly supports.

Danielle’s Momentic Adviser helped her with her business plan which brought working as a Virtual Assistant to life and made the process clearer. She found it particularly helpful going through a cashflow forecast and working out Tax after legitimate business expenses.

As soon as she started working with Momentic, it was more tailored to her business idea and relevant. Her Momentic Adviser gave her what she needed in terms of links for additional support or her interests relating to her business.

Her Momentic adviser gave her what she needed in terms of links for additional support, contacts and advice. This was specifically related to her business and was relevant. This made her time with her Adviser worthwhile and productive. Her adviser also believed in her and that she could make it happen with the skills and the experience she has. This was supportive and helped her confidence when other factors made her doubt herself and made her feel low.

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