Eliza Begum – Florist

Eliza left her full-time professional job to pursue her self-employed business dream. Being in Universal Credit, she had certain expectations to job search and return to a similar role. She had been referred to the ‘Restart Scheme’ as part of her job search requirements. She had initially been advised to Job Search roles that are like her business. She had stressed her passion to pursue her dream and been referred to Momentic by her Adviser Stephanie. Momentic has been invaluable in the development of her business. She had been invited to webinars, for social media help, bookkeeping etc. She had been assigned to Faria, who was engaging and offered face-to face help. She helped with her business plan, signposted her to loan companies for start-ups, helped with her finance and ultimately, helped with Self-Employment route with the JCP. She was understanding of Eliza’s background and had patience when working collaboratively. She had helped in recognising her disadvantages and how to use it as a strength. She had acknowledged Eliza’s transferable skills and proposed a way to be then utilised.

Using her passion for working with people from disadvantaged backgrounds and experience as a youth engagement officer and incorporating it into her floral business which was initially an e-commerce business plan and now offers activity and wellbeing workshops.

With the help of the Restart Scheme and Momentic, Eliza has now been successfully self – employed, and in her Start-Up period. Her business, initially an e-commerce flower business has developed and modified, through sheer belief in herself and hard work. It has evolved and since launching in January in 2023 on social media platforms, she has held Pop-Up stalls around London, hired by professional clients which developed into a year long contract such as London School of Economics and Restaurateurs.

She feels hopeful that her business will see longevity and be successful as she has had the opportunity to be given the right tools by Restart.

Instagram: @fateofflowers
Tiktok: @fateofflowers

Florist at work: pretty young woman making fashion modern bouquet of different flowers.