Joanne Savill – Gardener/Handywoman

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted countless individuals to reevaluate their career paths, serving as a unique opportunity to hit the reset button and chart new directions in life. One remarkable example of this is Joanne Savill, who had previously worked as a freelance trainer. In the midst of the pandemic, Joanne made a bold decision to pursue a lifelong passion and embraced a brand-new career as a gardener.

Starting a business can often be a lonely journey, but Joanne, wasn’t navigating this alone. Joanne discovered invaluable support from the dedicated advisors at the Momentic team, Lauren and Gemma. Support included reviews and updates to business plans, finance planning, and preparing for important meetings with the Job Centre to discuss her self-employment plans.

Of her experience, Joanna said, “It’s very helpful to have back up as it’s quite isolating being self-employed. [It’s] good to have a team to ask questions to and get advice from. [The staff are] very personable.”

Lauren, Joanne’s Business Adviser Momentic, expresses her heartfelt thanks to Joanne for this kind feedback, saying “Supporting Joanne has been an absolute pleasure, and the entire team at Momentic wishes her nothing but the utmost success in her gardening venture.”

Joanne’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and resilience. Here’s to Joanne’s flourishing garden of success!