Katrina Sturch – Driving Instructor

Katrina Sturch, a single mum with four children, had been out of work since Covid, when she joined Restart. The dream of becoming a driving instructor had always been there, bu the opportunity hadn’t presented itself until she had started her training and was introduced to Jan Melia – a Business

Adviser with Momentic by her Restart Adviser Helen Longshaw. Jan explained how she could assist with the business venture and helped prepare Katrina for gainful self-employment on Universal Credit. Jan did a Better Off Calculation, helped her to understand Gainful Self-Employment and the Minimum Income Floor, before supporting Katrina to produce and understand her Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast.

Jan assisted Katrina in unraveling the complexities of the franchise agreement, which initially seemed overwhelming and confusing. Katrina says “Jan became more than an advisor; she became a friend. I eagerly anticipate our meetings as she explains the business aspects and eases my anxieties”

“Now fully trained and ready to apply for my Part 3 Test for teaching, I’ve opened my own driving school with Red, boasting around 23 pupils.”

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