Levi McAlees – Building Services

Levi had 15+ years of experience in repointing/removal and renewal of failed mortar in between brick/stone on structures such as buildings, monuments, and walls etc.

He takes great pride in his work and has always felt that he had the necessary skills and knowledge to work for himself. Also, he gets massive job satisfaction from jobs that he completes alone.

Chris Halliwell has been Levi’s business advice support through his journey to becoming self-employed. He has been a great help with everything that Levi has needed support with. Levi cannot say a bad word about him! He is incredibly thorough and a pleasure to work with. Also, he has a great passion for what he does, which gives me so much assurance that he will deliver. Levi couldn’t ask for anyone better to support him, and is very grateful to have been paired with Chris.

Levi found that his business support has always been very useful in the respect of the availability for answers. Anything he has asked for help with, has been given without hesitation and with willingness.

installation of fired brick cladding. after gluing to the wall, the joints are filled with cement. the worker strokes with the help of a spatula every gap between the bricks.