Olga Tkachenko

Before I started my own business in England, I was a director at a real estate agency in Ukraine before the war. I also set up two organisations that did social projects in Ukraine and other European countries. I taught at two Ukrainian universities and was in charge of a military assistance centre for a while.

I’ve been into different esoteric practices for over 12 years. When I came to England, I found a way to do what I love and make money. With my past business experience in Ukraine, I see a good chance to grow as an entrepreneur in England by understanding how business works here.

The Momentic programme is well-organised and helpful. For example, it can bring in specialists from different countries to create and run training for immigrants like me. People with experience, English skills, and a willingness to volunteer can improve their professional know-how through this program.

I appreciate how friendly and helpful the programme staff is. The programme makes sense and is very practical.


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