Paul Flemming – T-Shirt Designer

Paul worked in warehousing for 19 years, got made redundant and decided to start a Graphic Design company called Oblivion Design. Paul started to sell his designs by opening an online retail shop, supplying unique t-shirts and products to national and international clients.

Paul learnt new skills along the way, creating his own eCommerce website and in the process learning more and more about website design. He tends to use Wix and Squarespace for website design, and finds that these are very good to customise and adjust for clients.

After 19 years of steady employment and running his business alongside this, Paul had to take time out to care for his mother for several years until she passed away. He had a difficult year following her death but was about to relaunch his business when the pandemic hit. Of course, during this entire period his personal finances were depleted.

Paul is now in a good position to launch the business and focus on Website Design, Graphic Design and Social Media, to help small businesses and individuals. This time he utilises his former experience, and the lessons he has learnt along the way and an evolving skill set, which can lend itself to more areas to generate revenue.

Paul wanted to become his own boss and have control of how the business was run. He had a lot of support from Sarah Ryan from Momentic who helped him to achieve his goals when starting the business up again.

Momentic has help him gain his confidence in running a business again, and with the help and support from them to make it successful.