Prem Kiran aka Sant Akasha – IT Services

After many years of research in the field of Predictive Artificial intelligence, Prem wanted to share his creative ideas with a broader reach to help society at large. He is lightning fast at putting together a fully functional website and making it visible to social media.

Alexis from Momentic was marvellously supportive and most encouraging every step of the way.

One big moment that stood out was when he explained a by-product of his research that would serve as an income generator. Alexis did not laugh, did not consider him insane, listened with intent and asked questions. Alexis concluded by saying to him: “You are the product”. Yes, that was quite a WOW! moment for him.

The one-to-one sessions have to be high up on the list for being most useful. There was always plenty of information married with an explanation that became real gems.


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