Razik Darji – Augmented Reality

Razik Darji, a Creative Technology Marketer from London recently took part in Momentic’s Self Employment Support programme in Hackney and Tower Hamlets, along with 20 lucky participants who wanted to start-up or grow their existing businesses.

Supported by Tim Jackson his Business Adviser, he attended multiple face to face workshops designed to provide him with the tools for business growth success, including selling and networking skills.

In a groundbreaking development towards the end of the programme, Razik and a team of creative minds went on to triumph in the annual collaboration between a world leading technology business and top London creatives, securing a coveted opportunity to work with a global sportswear giant.

This year’s challenge posed by the sports brand was to find a compelling solution to encourage more members of Generation Z to take up running and foster a sense of community. A group of London’s finest creatives were chosen for the task and divided into teams of four.

The winning concept within Razik’s team was an augmented reality-powered running track designed to revolutionize the running experience. The solution aims to captivate the interest of Generation Z, who often find traditional running routines monotonous.

Razik, one of the masterminds behind the winning idea recently shared that the proposed augmented reality running track will be developed using mixed reality technologies. This project could pave the way for ongoing partnerships for Razik. Razik expressed gratitude for the advice received from Tim and the Momentic team, particularly on pitching and presentation skills, which he was able to put into practice on the day to secure the victory.

Razik’s Business Adviser Tim congratulates Razik on all he has achieved so far:

“Working with Raz has been a joy from start to finish.  Right from the very first stages Raz has impressed me. His idea was clear, concise and delved into a new, almost untapped area of marketing through AI/AR.  His engagement through the whole process was excellent, always ready to engage and learn; requesting help in the areas that became apparent he was maybe needing more support, like Pitching  skills. We conducted some sales and presentation coaching together which proved of utility in various ways, but most specifically for his presentation, where we spoke about pitch and tone, when to pause, when to speed up.

I wish Raz all the best of luck for the future; not that he needs it, he creates his own luck through his positive attitude, commitment to learning and evolving, as well as his clear intelligence.  Maybe one day, I’ll work for him!” 

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