Romana Yasynovska – Photographer

After spending 14 years in the oil and gas industry in Ukraine, Romana made the bold decision to pursue her true passion: photography. In 2018, she took the leap and transitioned into a career behind the lens. Her journey led her to London in 2022, driven partly by the circumstances back home.

Romana’s interest in becoming self-employed as a photographer stemmed from her passion and proficiency in photography, coupled with the desire for greater control over her schedule and work environment. With a solid foundation in photography, Romana saw an exciting opportunity to transform her talent into a rewarding profession.

On the support provided by Momentic to reach her goals, Romana said: “Through their support and guidance, I’ve been able to navigate the challenges of self-employment as a photographer with greater confidence and clarity. Momentic has provided valuable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, empowering me to grow my business and excel in my field.

Romana’s Business Adviser, Lauren, was thrilled to hear how Romana feels about the future of her business: “Romana has been a great participant, eager to make things work, and has the drive to move things forward – she has been open minded to suggestions, and has a willingness to learn to ensure her business is taken to the next level, by regularly attending our webinars, and workshops, and working on actions set in a timely manner to guarantee effectiveness.”


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