Stevie Marie Domingue – Singer/Songwriter/Artist

Stevie wanted a business that encompassed her talent in music and creative arts and turn that into something she could monetise. She also didn’t want her income to be limited by working as an employee in a company.

Her adviser made her realise how easy it was, and that it wasn’t an unattainable or a silly idea to think she could make money through her creative talents.

Stevie realised that it wasn’t so far out of reach, but she was just a bit intimidated by what she thought the process involved. Once her adviser broke it down for her, and helped her every step of the way, she realised how straight forward it was. This, in itself, gave her the confidence boost she needed.

Stevie said: “I have had a very smooth and easy journey, so I don’t feel there is anything that could be improved. Everything was straight to the point, and I just had to do it.”


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