Wendy McRuvie – Natural Healing

Wendy found herself with very little income after being off work for over 16 years with long term chronic health conditions.  She initially wanted to find any help, guidance and ongoing support available for her in her position to help point her in the right direction of any supported recognised training.  This was all with her vision of becoming Self Employed, setting up her own business so she can go out and Help Others.

Wendy had to give up paid Employment in 2007 after contracting Glandular Fever in 2006 leaving her with various Auto-Immune Disorders. She spent those early years on government benefits, an extreme amount of prescription medications from the doctors and attending many years of appointments at her local mental health hospital in a way to try and help her manage all these conditions. She spent many of those years, housebound, in her bed,  asleep or unwell, never believing she would be able to recover and work again.  She also had years of unprocessed trauma from childhood, teenage years and stress from years of being a single parent during two different decades of her life.  Plus lives and manages undiagnosed neurodiverse conditions (adhd, dyslexia).

Prior to connecting with FedCap Scotland and Momentic, Wendy had self funded her own training to become an EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

She wanted to share her knowledge and experience with others to show them that it is possible to Help Yourself Heal Naturally, allowing them to realise, their potential to having a happier, healthier, better quality of life is greater than they think it might be.

Wendy Set up a Facebook and Instagram Page under Natural Healing Aberdeen on 31st Dec 2021 and has built them both up organically but wants to take it up a level and change what she was doing into a business.  She wants to be able to reach more people in a more professional way and make it more accessible and affordable to those who would benefit from her services.

Ideally she would love to have her own Clinic/Office/Room that People/Clients could come to for their appointments/treatments and sessions in person… or on Zoom/Microsoft Teams.   For Private 1:1 Sessions and Group Sessions/ Workshops.

She would also like to be able to Provide individual Community Centres affordable sessions for the people who live in rundown or neglected areas within towns and cities where a lot of pain and emotional suffering goes unnoticed, untreated or unfunded.  Mental Health & Wellbeing Support Groups, would be another avenue Wendy would be extremely keen to Help by Introducing EFT to and show them a light on how they can Begin to Help Themselves.

Wendy is still engaging with Momentic fortnightly, where she is being supported with business growth and growing her digital presence, she finds this ongoing service to be an integral part of her journey and success.

Wendy said:

“Through meeting you both separately only approximately 3 months ago, the consistency of our meetings, the exuberance of both your field of professionalism, I feel I can now confidently move forward in building the kind of business/service I want to offer and have visioned doing for many years.

After being off work through ill health for over 15 years I had no knowledge or direction as to where to go or how to achieve this dream and you both allowed me to see that this could be possible.

In the last 3 months of being connected with you both, I have attended invaluable webinars, meetings in person and on teams and look forward to us continuing to work alongside each other in the months to come, learning what I can from what both of you offer which… in my opinion and experience of others… is priceless! 

Thank You Again… and for the Services Provided.”