Zoia Turkovska – Psychotherapist Counsellor

Zoya, from Ukraine, is a psychotherapist in the Gestalt method. She’s also a mother and wife who has been living in the UK since 2022. Since the beginning of the war, Zoia has been running online support groups for volunteers, mothers and children of all ages, pregnant women, and military wives. When Zoya first considered practicing in the UK, she wasn’t sure where to start when navigating self-employment in the UK. Then she discovered the Momentic program, which changed everything for her. Every aspect of the program proved incredibly useful, providing her with the knowledge and confidence she needed to start her journey.

Amongst other services, Zoya now runs face to face “Circle of Resource” support groups for Ukrainian women living in the UK.

Zoya gave a special shoutout goes to Munyi Mwara at Momentic and his ‘professionalism and patience’ Zoya particularly benefitted from Munyi taking the time to explain things clearly and simply. Zoya now feels empowered and ready to pursue her dream career. She couldn’t be more grateful!

case may 2024

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